Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year! We welcome 2013!

Happy 2013! We are so Happy to welcome the new year!  We have had changes...good and bad in
2012.  Stella is thriving! Her speech is coming along well.  We have just been accepted into Texas
 Childrens for once a week Speech Therapy.  It seems like Stella drops constanants on a lot of words.  She also can't say F or W.  They are still just saying delay which makes me happy.  Stella also attends St. Mary's preschool and has made a lot of friends, along with her Mommy!  Great bunch of people and teachers too!
 The downside of 2012 was loosing my precious, sweet Mom.  She was so healthy and vibrant in 2011 and at the beginning of the 2012 her Kidney's failed and she just was never the same.  Her little body just couldn't handle the dialysis.  In six months time, I had to say goodbye to the most wonderful Mom a person could have.  I will never get over this loss but I know that my Mom is where the sun always shines, the beach is always warm and she always has a smile on her face. Miss you so so much Mom.  I was blessed to be able to spend most every morning and Wednesdays with Mom in those last 6 months.
 The above picture is of Mom and her girls taken just a bit before she passed away. Below is a picture of Mom and Stella from November 2010. She loved Stella and all her grandkids and great grandkids so much! Stella was lucky 7.
 Mom left us in May and I moved within the same town just a month later.  Got my little white house with a white picket fence and I am able to walk Stella to school on most days.  Downtown Bellville is just a short walk also. Oh and a park just across the street!  We love it!
 Here is just another picture of Stella (before we moved).  Like I said...Thriving.... and is such a sweet, loving little girl. Such a character too. Still loves her clothes and shoes.  Very tiny. Can wear a 12 mo waist but has just shot up height wise.
Thanks for reading after all this time away.  I feel so blessed to have Stella.  Kazakhstan closed their adoptions shortly after I brought Stella home in October 2010.  I can't even imagine my life without this little toot!

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